2018 TSPN License Plate


TSPN and the Jason Foundation, Inc. are officially gathering signatures for an official specialty license plate promoting suicide prevention authorized by state legislation. The final design for the plate is pictured above.

This license plate will be the first one in the country devoted to the cause of suicide prevention. A share of the proceeds from the sale of these plates will fund suicide prevention efforts in our state. 

We need your help to make this project a reality. Specifically, we need 1,000 signatures from people who plan to purchase this plate in order to justify its production by the Tennessee Department of Revenue. 

You may pre-order one of these plates at
https://tspn2018licenseplate.eventbrite.com, at a cost of $35. You have the option of specifying a four-letter code between “0001” and “1000” to go on your plate, but be advised that some codes have already been reserved. 

TSPN and the Jason Foundation extend their sincere thanks to

  • Teresa Kimbro Culbreath, a survivor of suicide who campaigned for several years for the creation of a license plate supporting suicide prevention efforts.
  • State Rep. Jeremy Faison, who was ultimately responsible for carrying this legislation through the General Assembly to its signature by Governor Bill Haslam.
  • Brandon Anderson, Andrew Lawless, and Johnna Snyder, for the winning designs they submitted to our license plate design contest earlier this fall.
  • Robert St. John, a math teacher at Jonesborough’s David Crockett High School, who fine-tuned the design ahead of formal presentation to the public.

We encourage you to go ahead and pre-order a plate today so you can ensure the viability of this project. These license plates will lead to unprecedented exposure for the cause of suicide prevention in Tennessee and the agencies working to prevent suicide in our state.