Regional Suicide Prevention Awards

Regional Suicide Prevention Awards


The Regional Suicide Prevention Awards were established by TSPN co-founders Madge and Ken Tullis to recognize innovations and excellence in Tennessee’s suicide prevention awareness movement.

Each year, TSPN’s eight regional networks take nominations for their Regional Suicide Prevention Award who is usually recognized at that year’s local Suicide Prevention Awareness Month event.  One of the Regional Suicide Prevention Award winners receives the statewide Madge and Ken Tullis, MD, Suicide Prevention Award.  The recipient of the award is recognized at the Suicide Prevention Awareness Day event and receives a plaque recognizing their contributions to suicide prevention and awareness.  A donation is made to TSPN by Madge and Ken Tullis in honor of the recipient, and the recipient’s name is added to a plaque listing previous winners, currently displayed at the TSPN central office.

Nomination Process and Eligibility

  • Individuals from each TSPN region may send nominations for their Regional Suicide Prevention Award to the TSPN central office by e-mail ( ahead of that year’s regional deadline.
  • The recipient must be a single person or couple (including two people working on a single project) residing in the state of Tennessee.
  • Madge and Ken Tullis, TSPN employees, and prior winners of Regional Suicide Prevention Awards are not eligible.

Past Winners of the Regional Suicide Prevention Award

*Winners of the Madge and Ken Tullis, MD, Suicide Prevention Awards in bold italics

Northeast Region: Jason Abernathy
East Region: Nathan Wray
Southeast Region: Kara Coleman
Mid-Cumberland Region: Jaime Harper
South Central Region: Deidra Goins
Upper Cumberland Region: Janie Mabrey
Northwest Region: Rachael Brooks
Southwest Region: Phillip Barham
Memphis/Shelby County Region: Audrey Elion
Intra-State Departmental Suicide Prevention Award: Brittany Willis
Community Partner Award: Upper Cumberland Development District
Media Award: The Tullahoma News

Northeast Region: Drew Turner
East Region: Nancy McGlasson
Southeast Region: Christy Sentell
Mid-Cumberland Region: Maria Smith
South Central Region: Molly Barnes and LIFT
Upper Cumberland Region: Power of Putnam
Northwest Region: Emily Bolin
Southwest Region: Megan Gaylord
Memphis/Shelby County Region: Jason McCown
Intra-State Departmental Suicide Prevention Award: Carol McDonald
Community Partner Award: Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth
Media Award: StoneCom of Cookeville

Northeast Region: Kathy Benedetto
East Region: Luis Ramos
Southeast Region: Kenneth T. Tartar
Mid-Cumberland Region: Becky Stoll
South Central Region: Nora Fielding
Upper Cumberland Region: Kristi Paling
Northwest Region: Lynn Julian
Memphis/Shelby County Region: Lindsey Blevins
Intra-State Departmental Suicide Prevention Award: Janet Watkins
Suicide Awareness and Prevention Service Award: Chad Tribble
Community Partner Award: Eileen Wallach, Your Heart on Art
Media Award: Herald Citizen of Cookeville

Northeast Region: Sharon Phipps
East Region: Katie Valentino
Southeast Region: Jim Lewis
Mid-Cumberland Region: Joseph Chatman III
South Central Region: Richard Bogle
Upper Cumberland Region: Lena Higgins
Rural West Region: Dana Townsend
Memphis/Shelby County Region: Lori Kent
Intra-State Departmental Suicide Prevention Award: Jenny Dudzinski
Suicide Awareness and Prevention Service Award: Crystal Brewer
Community Partner Award: Tennessee School of Beauty
Media Award: Brentwood Homepage

Northeast Region: Heatherly Sifford
East Tennessee: Matt Magráns-Tillery
Southeast Region: Wanda Mays
Upper Cumberland Region: Dr. John Averitt
Mid-Cumberland Region: Elvin “Woody” Woodruff
South Central Region: Robert C. Killen, Ed.D.
Rural West: Phillip Barham
Memphis/Shelby County Region: Octavio Areas
Intra-State Departmental Award: Michelle Bauer
Suicide Awareness and Prevention Service Award: Tennessee Department of Health Primary Prevention Initiative
Special Media Award: Maryville Daily Times
Community Partner Award: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Tennessee Chapter

Northeast Region: Jack Stewart
East Tennessee: Dr. Cynthia Lynn
Southeast Region: Sylvia Phillips
Upper Cumberland Region: Jessica Pruett
Mid-Cumberland Region: James Burton
South Central Region: Dr. Sandra Perley
Rural West: Sean Jones
Memphis/Shelby County Region: Pastor Waring Porter
Intra-State Departmental Award: Shannon Hall
Suicide Awareness and Prevention Service Award: Kelsey Neeley
Special Media Award: Tennessean
Community Partner Award: Tennessee Tech University, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, and University of Tennessee-Martin

East Tennessee: Lindsay Code
Memphis/Shelby County: Dr. Theresa Okwumabua
Mid-Cumberland: Eileen Wallach
Intra-State Departmental Group: Melissa Sparks
Northeast: Kathy Benedetto
Rural West: Dr. Paula Terry
South Central: Sarah Hinson
Southeast: Eve Nite
Upper Cumberland: Mike Seal
Suicide Awareness and Prevention Service Award: Mikayla Dalton and the Marion County High School Girls’ Softball Team
Special Media Award: Daniel Connolly, Memphis Commercial-Appeal
Community Partner Award: Kenny Pryor

East Tennessee: Frieda Herron
Memphis/Shelby County: Lamar Frizzell
Mid-Cumberland: Samantha Nadler
Intra-State Departmental Group: Terry Love
Northeast: Sharon Phipps
Rural West: Kris Moore
South Central: Ellen Stowers
Southeast: Deanna Doran
Upper Cumberland: John Rust
Suicide Awareness and Prevention Service Award: Rachel Moore, Danny Rogers, and Karen Rogers

East Tennessee: Debra Cohan
Memphis/Shelby County: Renee Brown
Mid-Cumberland: Donna Finley
Intra-State Departmental Group: Teresa Culbreath
Northeast: Dana Cea
Rural West: Sabrina Anderson
South Central: Regina Peery
Southeast: Tricia Henderson
Upper Cumberland: Christina Mick, Ed.D.

East Tennessee: Anna Shugart
Memphis/Shelby County: Patricia Hipps
Mid-Cumberland: Cindy Johnson
Northeast: Kandi Shearer
Rural West: Kathy Strahan
South Central: Rhoni McCollum
Southeast: Monica Middlebrooks
Upper Cumberland: Mark Allison

East Tennessee: Ben Harrington
Memphis/Shelby County: Pat Kendall
Mid-Cumberland: Brenda Harper
Northeast: Linda Phipps Harold
Rural West: Shelia Ward
South Central: Elaine Williams
Southeast: Nancy Carroll
Upper Cumberland: Vickie Bilbrey

East Tennessee: Anne Young
Mid-Cumberland: Granger Brown
Memphis/Shelby County: Mike LaBonte
Northeast: Paula Masters
Rural West: Anne Henning-Rowan
South Central: Rosa Newton
Southeast: Karen Brasher
Upper Cumberland: Anne Stamps

East Tennessee: Larry and Linda Drain
Mid-Cumberland: Misty Yarbrough
Memphis/Shelby County: Sally Afflick
Northeast: Harold Leonard
Rural West: Dana Cobb
South Central: Karyl Chastain Beal
Southeast: Tim Tatum
Upper Cumberland: Patsy Cronk and Jean Key

East Tennessee: Laura T. Harrill
Mid-Cumberland: Natasha Clay
Memphis/Shelby County: Sam Cochran
Northeast: Diane Wise
Rural West: Sid Nichols
South Central: Junior Auxiliary of Columbia, Tennessee
Southeast: Mary Fortune
Upper Cumberland: Jodi Bartlett, Supervisor of the Crisis Team at Plateau Mental Health Center (PMHC), and the PMHC Crisis Team

East Tennessee:  Major Greg Cook, Maryville Police Department; Officer Holly Hatcher, Alcoa Police Department; and Deputy Jennifer Shudan, Blount County Sheriff’s Office
Mid-Cumberland: Kim Rush
Memphis/Shelby County: Shirley McGowan
Northeast: Bill and Phyllis Russell
Rural West: Carol Burroughs
South Central: Pam Arnell
Southeast: Cindy McCroskey
Upper Cumberland: Angel Smithers

East Tennessee: Anna Irwin and Linda Albert
Mid-Cumberland: Gwen Hamer
Memphis/Shelby County: Kathleen Grice
Northeast: Patrolman Ed Jeffries, Tennessee Highway Patrol (retired)
Rural West: Stephenie Robb
South Central: Jennifer Harris
Southeast: Betsy Donahue
Upper Cumberland: Lisa Stewart

East Tennessee: David M. Gilliam, MD
Mid-Cumberland: Judith J. Johnson
Memphis/Shelby County: Bishop William Young and Pastor Dianne Young
Northeast: Elizabeth Haren
Rural West: Lisa Daniel
South Central: Brad Martin
Southeast: Sam Bernard
Upper Cumberland: Linda Moran