Reserving a Memorial Quilt to Display

Reserving a Memorial Quilt

Last revised July 26, 2013

The Tennessee Suicide Memorial Quilts were created for display at events sponsored by the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN). We also welcome opportunities to display them at other events in order to raise awareness and education in the area of suicide and suicide prevention.


The quilts and stands may only be borrowed by members of the TSPN Advisory Council and/or Intra-State Departmental Group.

The person who wants to borrow the quilt must submit a completed Request Form via e-mail at least one (1) month before the date of the event.

The person will be notified of receipt of the request form, and another notification will be sent after the request has been approved, or not. (If the request is not approved, the person will be given an explanation.)


If the quilts are displayed at fund-raising events for other organizations, some of the funds raised should be donated to TSPN to help support our outreach projects.


When the quilts are displayed at events sponsored by organizations other than TSPN, there should be a prominent announcement that the memorial quilts are a project of the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network near the display.


The quilt borrower must make arrangements to pick up the quilt(s) and/or stand(s) and return them to the central office in Nashville or to a designated person and place in a timely manner. Pick up and return details must be agreed upon before the application to use the quilt is approved.

The quilt(s) must be handled with the utmost respect.

  • The quilt(s) must not be folded in a way that will create creases on the memorial squares.
  • The quilt(s) must be kept clean and dry.
  • The quilt must be neatly returned on the original hangers or hangers similar to the hangers supplied if the originals are somehow misplaced.